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Rihanna is a singer, not a porn star

It was a pleasant sunny day sometime in 1999 outside Ahmadabad, a city in western India. I was in the back seat of the car, traveling at about 60miles/hr. About 50 feet ahead of us on the road we saw the a deer leaping all the way across the road. Then another one followed. Then a third one, just about 10 feet ahead of us landed on the road, took another leap all the way across the road and into the bushes. We watched in amusement. No one expected the 4 deer. But there was a 4th deer that leaped right into the middle of the road. The driver hit the breaks as fast and as hard as he could. But the deer landed right on the windshield of the car, bounced away and fell on the road. The windshield broke and the glass pieces splashed inside the car all over us. The deer sprung up in fear and confusion and frantically disappeared into the woods. We wondered if the deer broke it’s legs or if it even survived after a while. I remembered this incident today as I sat watching the youtube video ‘Deer Fare’ where a deer hit the bus and ended up inside the bus. The deer frantically tried to escape. The driver halted as fast as he could and opened the door. By then the deer was delirious, running all over the bus in absolute confusion trying to escape. I couldn’t help but shed a few tears looking at how helpless the deer was. Some of the comments on this video were directed at how stupid the deer was. And at-least 40% of the comments were marked as spam. When I reluctantly opened up some of them dreading to see more insensitive comments about the poor animal, I was surprised. It was about Rihanna’s sex tape!

I wondered if it really existed. My first instinct was to check if this was even real. But I stopped. Real or not, why is Rihanna’s sex tape so important? She is a singer not a porn star! Why are people so curious to watch a celebrity’s sex tape regardless of what their profession is or what they are supposed to be good at. Why is any celebrity’s sex tape so important?Or a sex tape of anyone that people know even remotely becomes so important and scandalous?

Sex videos and nude pictures of real life people in real life situations seems to cause irresistible curiosity in people. What is the idea behind this? There is enough porn on the internet that is professionally shot. You get a good view of what you want to see. These are not the blurry videos shot from still hidden cameras in bad lighting. Yet most people prefer the bad quality real life videos.

These real life sex videos ….. they are just not such a big deal!!!

There are 2 kinds of real life sex videos here… ones that are leaked out by someone betraying one or both the people and the ones that are made public intentionally to gain some sort of convoluted popularity (by both the man and the woman involved) but where they pretend like it was leaked out. It’s unfortunate that both these kinds get just way too much popularity.

Videos that are leaked out:

One has to be a pervert to gain pleasure in watching these videos that are secretly shot and released without the knowledge of one or both the people. And by some completely irrational logic the people in the video (not to mention that this particularly applies for the woman) are looked down upon. Whey watch it and in particular enjoy watching it when you don’t respect these people. It wasn’t his/and her fault that it was leaked! People must stop giving attention to such cheap intentions of the kind who leak sex videos. It’s not a big deal. Everyone has sex. It’s not supposed to be secretly taped and exposed. Or knowing taped and exposed secretly. But when it’s done it’s obvious that something that was supposed to be private was leaked out! And why do people behave and comment like the guy and the girl in the video has this particular intention to make this video and have the world see it! We have much bigger issues to worry about.

Videos that are intentionally leaked but the ones (both the man and the woman) who made it:

Fine. They leaked it. Some (unfortunately many actually) people love watching it. Watch it. Enjoy it and move on! Why is this a big deal? If they enjoyed watching it, whey can’t they just appreciate it for what it was and leave it there. Insulting comments are made about the people in the video and no ones wants to have anything serious to do with them. There is such hypocrisy involved when it comes to sex tapes, I completely fail to understand. Either one should watch it and refrain from condemning the people who made the video or one shouldn’t watch it if they think so low of the people. But people want to watch it… enjoy it and  when they are done they want to condemn the people in it. They shouldn’t be giving so much attention – good or bad just because someone made a sex tape. It’s just a sex tape. As good or as bad as watching a secretly made tape of someone peeing!

I hope people grow up to think beyond these cheap pleasures.